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Resilience through Research and Design

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 Resilient Program Design

It Starts with a Good Design

It begins with knowing what you do and ensuring your people, processes, places, and technology can withstand a major shock or disruption.  

We design culturally relevant programs to fit your organization or community. When you subscribe to our services, we will support you throughout the full life cycle: Design Planning, Testing, Implementation, Retesting, Design Adjustment, Monitoring & Support 

Organizational Leadership

Inclusive Program Design

Healthcare Resilience

Crisis & Conflict Management

Risk, Governance & Cybersecurity

Operations & Workforce Resilience

Community Engagement

Hospital Corridor


Be Ready & Resilient

Without a well designed and tested program, responding to and recovering from a healthcare emergency can impact a community's long term health and economy.

Research supports that social vulnerabilities increase following major events. Together, we can address Resilience Equity & Social Determinants of Health as a central component of your resilience program. Our healthcare emergency, equity, and resilience experts can assist you with multidisciplinary programs designed to prepare your staff, stakeholders, and community for regional healthcare emergencies.   

Cyber & Infosec

Safeguarding Sensitive Data

Not all information resilience programs are alike. Some frameworks were designed to meet the needs of specific industries and then expanded to additional sectors creating cross industry system conflicts. 

First, we'll conduct an analysis of your business, data usage, sensitivity, classification, criticality, and current protections. Then we assess your chosen frameworks, preventive measures, capabilities, investments, outcomes, and value. Together, we'll look for opportunities to invest, adjust, or redesign, as needed.  

Info-Security Program

IT Operations Optimization 

Application Vulnerabilities 

Vendor Management

 Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery 

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Crisis & Conflict Mgmt.

Community Recovery

Following a major event, impacted communities experience increased food insecurity, unemployment, homelessness, violence, arrests, and long term health issues.


Our unique intradisciplinary social crisis program will document incidents, analyze root causes, and design interventions to help your community work through barriers that impede recovery or healing.


Leadership Services

Virtual Leadership

Your organization may not have the leadership resources to guide your team(s) through strategic or programmatic decisions.  Our virtual leadership services will adopt and implement your mission to complement your leadership team.


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